Java Update and problems running Remote Coral ....

John Shott shott at
Wed Jun 13 16:55:03 PDT 2012

SNF Lab Members:

I have heard from James Conway and, indirectly, from Zhiping Zhang that 
an overnight upgrade of Java has "broken" remote Coral on their desktop.

While I don't know whether there is actually something wrong with the 
latest version of Java, I've been able to get Remote Coral running again 
(after intentionally upgrading the version of Java 7 on my desktop and 
breaking Remote Coral) by pushing out a fresh version of Remote Coral 
including an updated version of the third-party library that we use to 
securely encrypt/decrypt Remote Coral passwords.

The next time that you start Remote Coral, you may see that it either 
downloads a couple of files or asks you if you want to upgrade.  
Hopefully, those new files will resolve any problems you may encounter.

If that updated version doesn't resolve any problems you may be 
experiencing, please let me know.  It's possible that some folks may 
need to purge their Java Web Start cache to fully reload the 
application, but I'm hopeful that this may not be required and the 
updated files will simply fix any problems that you have been experiencing.

Thanks for your attention, but please let me know if you experience any 


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