Does anyone know how to remove or de-cross-link PMMA that has been UV crosslinked?

Katie Chang kgc at
Wed Jun 13 17:22:27 PDT 2012

Hello SNF users,

I was wondering if anyone had experience in removing crosslinked PMMA from
a wafer (or in de-crosslinking it). We have some devices on which we
accidentally forgot to use blue tape to cover up the contact pads when we
were spinning our passivating PMMA layer. Then, to compound the issue, we
gave them to a bio group that decided to sterilize them by pounding them
with UV light for 8 hours.

Now it seems nothing will get it off!  We tried to selectively scrub off
the PMMA from just the contact pads, which failed. Then, we tried to just
remove all of the PMMA from the whole wafer, which failed. We've tried
soaking and sonicating in acetone, PG remover, chloroform, chlorobenzene,
and several other things, which all failed. Does anyone have any

Thanks for your help!

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