Etcher Installation Update -June 2012

Ed Myers edmyers at
Fri Jun 15 17:13:43 PDT 2012

Lab Members,

I want to let everyone know a major hurdle to the start-up of the four 
new dry etch systems has been passed.  This week we received the 
installation permit from Santa Clara County.  This allows us to move 
forward.  If you have been watching the installation process you will 
see most of the mechanical work has been completed (process gas, cooling 
water, exhaust, pump lines and electrical).  Only a few items such as 
certification of the gas lines, seismic bracing and smaller items such 
as labeling and protective decking need to be completed.  We are close 
enough that we have contacted the equipment vendors to schedule their 
first visit.  The first visit is the service group to verify the tool 
hook-ups and the mechanical functionality of the systems.  We will not 
run any process work at this time.

The second hurdle yet ahead of us is the Toxic Gas Ordinance (TGO) 
permit.  This permit is in review with Santa Clara County.  We must have 
this permit issued before we can charge any of the new lines with 
process gases.  If the timing works out correctly, we should receive the 
TGO permit right about the time the service groups have completed there 
tool functionality verification.  Optimistically this means process 
development could commence in 6 to 8 weeks.   Yes, we are working to 
pull this in.

You have most likely noticed the new ALD and MVD systems are also 
waiting.  The first PO's for their installation was submitted last 
week.  This PO is for the design and permit package preparation.  The PO 
covers the drawings and calculations for all the piping, exhaust, 
electrical, seismic and code analysis for both tools.  The next 
objective for the ALD/MVD project is to issue PO's and get started on 
the electrical and mechanical work.  Just as with the etchers, we hope 
to be nearly completed with the installation when the permits arrive.

SNF Staff

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