Lab is back on (mostly)

Mary Tang mtang at
Sat Jun 23 15:42:54 PDT 2012

Hi again --

Sorry, I forgot two things:

- Furnaces and Epi2 will be addressed Monday -- the toxic gas service 
group will be coming in late Monday morning to troubleshoot.

- Tony in Facilities is also a champ for all the work done today.


On 6/23/2012 3:31 PM, Mary Tang wrote:
> Hi all --
> The lab is mostly back on.  Please check Coral for down tools 
> (primarily furnaces and epi2).  Make sure to read the comments for wet 
> benches, as new chemicals will need to be poured.  There is still a 
> faint odor of sulfur around the building, but this should dissipate 
> with a little time.
> The scrubber exhaust maintenance procedure took a bit longer than 
> expected, due to some excitement with our toxic gas detection system.  
> No, despite the odors, there was no toxic gas release event.  But we 
> find we are unable to reset some of the toxic gas sensors, so some 
> furnaces and epi remain down.  Again, please check Coral.
> Many thanks for Jose in Facilities for being on the ball and John 
> Shott for just being there and knowing the answers to everything.
> Please record your observations on Coral or send a note to staff.
> Thanks for your patience --
> Your SNF Staff

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