Yes, Google Docs may have been the way to go. But...

Sonny Vo svo at
Tue Jun 26 14:07:04 PDT 2012

In my eastern culture,
I am 5''6+-.5 and weigh 127lbs+-5lb, please reserve an XXL everything
for me Brett.


On 6/26/12, Brett E. Huff <bhuff at> wrote:
> I was taught by my mother to never ask a woman her age or weight.  I
> considered dress size and clean room gown to be similar…
> And sometime the boys like to seem beefed up rather than comfortable.
> This way it is only my business what you are choosing.
> Keep the emails coming.
> Brett E. Huff
> SNF Clean Room Manager
> Stanford University
> ©510-612-8670
> bhuff at

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