Fwd: 10 micron limit on Thermcopoly

Jae Hyung Lee jaehlee at stanford.edu
Fri Mar 2 12:47:02 PST 2012

Dear SNF users,

I would like to deposit thick polysilicon on our sapphire substrates in
semi-clean boat that is located in the rear side of the tube. If you are
planning to use thermcopoly (clean) this month, please let me know. We
could probably run together with your choice of the recipe, since I only
need polysilicon layer as a sacrificial layer.

I would probably do my first deposition on Monday (Mar 5th), so please let
me know as soon as possible.
Thank you very much!


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From: maurice stevens <maurice at stanford.edu>
Date: Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 8:33 AM
Subject: 10 micron limit on Thermcopoly
To: Jae Hyung Lee <jaehlee at stanford.edu>
Cc: tberg at snf.stanford.edu, Ray Seymour <rseymour at stanford.edu>

Hi Jae,

You can do up to 10um of poly in ThermcoPoly this month.

You must send an email out to the users asking if they want to put wafers
in you runs.  Don't want other users running thick depositions with in the
same month.
I strongly suggest that you break the deposition into shorter depositions
and rotate your wafers (put this in your email to the users).
I also suggest that you inspect the boats between runs.  They can break or
the slots can close up and pinch wafers.

If the tube breaks during your runs, Ted and Ray will not give you a
Christmas card…but they will kill me.

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