etch Ti/AuTi on glass substrate

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Do you mean to Etch Ti/Au/Ti or Ti/Cu/Ti?  

H2O2+NH3.H2O is too strong and will attack your resist. 
Try to etch Ti first with H2O2 at 40c and Au etch for Au and Ti again with H2O2.

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Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could give some suggestions on this experiment? 

There are evaporated Ti/Cu/Ti layers (100nm/ 300nm / 100nm) on glass substrate. AZ9260 photoresist was used to define the structure, but there is some problem when trying to etch the Ti/CuTi layers. H2O2+NH3.H2O was tried, but the Ti layer is little etched (at the same time, there are bubbles and heat generated during the reaction.)

Thanks very much for the help!

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