EE310 seminar on Flash Memory: The Great Disruptor - Promises and Challenges

Krishna Saraswat saraswat at
Mon Mar 5 14:40:00 PST 2012

EE310 Seminar
March 6 at 4:15pm
Location: Hewlett 103

Flash Memory: The Great Disruptor -  Promises and Challenges
Speaker: Dr. Ritu Shrivastava
V.P., Technology Development
SanDisk Corporation

Host: Prof. Krishna Saraswat


The talk will start with a brief history of non-volatile memory preceding the Flash technology. Key aspects of Flash memory that made it a big disruptive technology are then discussed. Applications in the new connected world which are expected to drive Flash growth into the future are covered. After this, the talk dives into technical scaling challenges of Flash technology and potential future (post-NAND) candidates. Content of the talk balances both business and technical aspects, and students from varied background should find it interesting.


Dr. Ritu Shrivastava is Vice President of Technology Development at SanDisk. His responsibilities include Process and Device Technology Development in both our Milpitas as well as our Memory development facilities in Japan.  He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and has served as the CMOS Technology Editor for the journal IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.  Ritu has more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry in areas such as development and technology transfer of numerous generations of SRAM, DRAM and Flash memories and he holds more than 25 patents. 

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