Nathan Klejwa Defense - Tuesday March 6 from 4-6pm in 202 Packard

Roger T. Howe rthowe at
Mon Mar 5 16:57:03 PST 2012

Dear Labmembers,

Nathan Klejwa from my group is defending tomorrow afternoon from 4-6 in 
202 Packard.  Be there to cheer him on and learn about alternatives to 
photolithography for prototyping and perhaps, manufacturing, low-cost 


Here's his title and brief abstract:

Rapid Microsystem Prototyping

This work focuses on developing tools and processes to decrease the time 
it takes to create microsystem prototypes by using printing and CNC 
micromilling as mask-free ”rapid prototyping” alternatives to 
photolithography, deposition, and etching. Printing allows for the 
maskless deposition of a patterned polymer layer in a matter of seconds, 
which can be used for etch masking, liftoff patterning, or as an active 
microstructural material. CNC micromilling acts as a highly selective 
and anisotropic etch for difficult-to-etch materials like PDMS, without 
the need for a masking layer. These two processes can individually 
create microdevices such as laser scanners or pump-free microfluidic 
systems, but when combined allow for the creation of complex, 
electromechanical devices in days rather than months. In addition to 
their use for prototyping, these processes can be extended into mass 
production for extremely low-cost, large-area, reel-to-reel compatible 
polymer-based devices.

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