Spring Seminar ENGR313: Topics in Engineering Education

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> Subject: ENGR313: Topics in Engineering Education
> ENGR313: Topics in Engineering Education
> Assessment in Engineering Education
> Spring 2012
> Tuesdays 4:15-5:05pm (380-381T)
> 1 credit (or audit)
> This seminar tackles a different topic related to engineering  
> education each year. This year we will be focusing on “Assessment in  
> Engineering Education.” We will be investigating questions such as:  
> How do you assess what your students know? How can you use  
> assessment to improve teaching and learning? How do you assess  
> yourself as a teacher? How can you help your students assess  
> themselves? Each class period will feature either a discussion of a  
> reading, a guest speaker, or a case study of assessment.
> This seminar is organized by the Stanford section of the American  
> Society for Engineering Education.
> For more information please visit:
> http://asee.stanford.edu/seminar
> Or direct questions to: Kat Steele, ksteele at stanford.edu

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