Reminder: Course Announcement- E204: Research Ethics for Engineers & Scientists

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Dear labmembers --

Have you ever wondered:

- How is authorship on a paper decided?  Who gets to be first author?
- Who should be included as an inventor on a patent?
- What can and should you do if you suspect data fraud?
- Is it data fraud to omit a few "bad" points?
- How should peer review be handled?  How is it actually done?
- Are you responsible for anticipating the ways, good and bad, that your
    research might be used?
- What are the responsibilities of mentors and mentees?
- What kinds of conflicts of interest are important to avoid?

Explore these issues and more, in E204, Research Ethics for Engineers
and Scientists, a course that examines the PRACTICAL aspects of
ethics for researchers with lectures, discussions, guest speakers, and
real case studies.  This course is 1-2 units and will be held Spring
term, on Thursdays, 2:15 PM - 4:05 PM.  The course instructor is
Prof. Robert McGinn. Last year's course featured the following guest speakers:
- Prof. Malcolm Beasely, Applied Physics, who headed the Hendrik Schon
- Katherine Ku, Director of the Office of Technology Licensing, on
    the ethics of licensing
- Prof. Roger Howe, Electrical Engineering, on authorship, publication
    and intellectual property

For more information, see the Bulletin or contact Prof. McGinn.

For those of you supported by NSF fellowships, this course satisfies the NSF
requirement for "Training in the responsible and ethical conduct of
research." (

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