looking for EE412 partner to examine contamination in cleanroom

Kimberly L. Harrison klharris at stanford.edu
Fri Mar 23 18:32:20 PDT 2012

Hello everyone,

My name is Kimberly Harrison.  I am a graduate student in Prof. Roger
Howe's lab, working on contacting M/NEMS switches.  For the spring quarter,
I am looking for a partner for EE412.  I have proposed a project involving
contamination of MEMS devices in the SNF cleanroom.  Depending on my
partner's interest, the project scope could expand to include other
devices.  I have described my project below, and also attached a more
detailed testing plan to this email.

The project will focus on contamination from the release/dry steps of a
standard MEMS process (including wet HF release, CPD dry and vapor HF
release).  My study will include Si wafers that are both unpatterned and
patterned, as well as wafers with a metal and ceramic coating.  I will use
XPS spectroscopy (available in the SNL) to verify the presence of excess
carbon contamination.

I have already pitched the idea to Prof. Solgaard, and J Provine has
offered to be the mentor for this project.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, please let me know!

Thank You,
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