SNF Renovations Continue.

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Tue Oct 2 10:16:27 PDT 2012

	Part of the effort to bring our facility back up to code following last winters renovation includes the replacement of most of the existing fire doors that are not up to even the 1983 fire codes.  The work for these door replacements will begin in mid November if the existing schedule is kept.

Summary of door activity:  high level fly over view
																Start				Complete
Multiple doors in and around the Stores area and polish room.		Mid Nov.			Before Thanksgiving
Clean room doors (9 total)											After Thanksgiving	Mid December
Back hall doors (gown room/stores hallway)							Mid December		Holiday Break
Gown Room Entry and Exterior Fingerwall doors						Holiday Break		Holiday Break

While work is being done on the 9 cleanroom doors, there will be pink wall (plastic sheet on frame) installed on the cleanroom side to allow the necessary demolition and install including sheet rock work.  This may create a small amount of inconvenience but it is better to manage while staff is present to look out for our interests (not during during the holiday break).  Only one door at a time will be blocked with this current plan. In the event of an evacuation the pink plastic will be set up to be cut if needed to exit.  Many exits are available, like an airplane, always know where your closets is located.

If the documentation and hardware is in order earlier, the project could kick off in early November.  This would allow more time to complete the 9 cleanroom doors in a timely and cleanly fashion.

Brett E. Huff
SNF Clean Room Manager
Stanford University
bhuff at

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