Additional gown room and gowning changes.

Brett Huff bhuff at
Tue Oct 2 10:39:03 PDT 2012

	As part of the effort to provide quality service and clean facility several changes have been made and a few more are coming.

Already made:
1.	New gowns and rack for stock
2.	Two week laundry cycle
3.	Boots for everyone…
4.	Data Clean Corp (professional clean room cleaning services monthly)

Soon to be made:
1.	Hair nets and beard covers outside by booties, on before gown room entry, off after you exit.
2.	Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl glove, defect performance and quality needs improvement.  Samples requested.
3.	Bench replacements.
4.	Blue sticky floor removal (holiday break)
5.	Gown room expansion (take over neighboring analytical room).

Plans to update our online training materials to reflect the owning changes are underway.
Initial planning to relocate the analytical tools in the adjacent room to the gown room is in progress.  Moving slow, cleanroom space is tight.

I have removed one of the two computers to make room for the hairnets and beard covers to come out of the gown room.  I know this may create some inconvenience at the peak traffic times.  We are looking into a way to stock them under the tabletop with the booties.  For now I want them up and obvious so users get accustomed to the new sequence before we tuck them away in a less visible location.

Feedback is always appreciated.  Lets not SPAM everyone unless you feel that strongly, otherwise simply reply to sender with feedback please.

Thanks for your time.

Brett E. Huff
SNF Clean Room Manager
Stanford University
bhuff at

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