Campus Clean Up Event is Thursday, October 25th from 10:00A to 2:00P for SNF/Allen/AllenX building.

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Fri Oct 19 16:43:46 PDT 2012

Dear All,


I hope everyone is aware that the FALL CAMPUS CLEAN-UP EVENT is going on
(right now) throughout Campus.  It started October 2nd and will go through
November 8th.   It runs each day, Monday through Friday from 10:00AM to
2:00PM.  The way it works is, the campus is broken up into Zones and
SNF/Allen/AllenX building is located in Zone A and it's slated to have its
Clean Up Day, Thursday, October 25th from 10:00A to 2:00P.  This is a
GREAT opportunity to clean up your work space and maybe your department if
you want to go the extra step(s) for yourself and your co-workers!  


The building's drop off spot is the loading dock over at VARIAN not SNF.


This event is being sponsored by Buildings and Grounds Maintenance (BGM)
in conjunction with Peninsula Sanitary Service Inc. (PSSI).  If you need
assistance in moving items to the Varian Loading Dock please let me know
as soon as you can so, we can request help to move the item(s) if needed
through Event Services.


The items that we can help you dispose of properly are:


Reusable Items:  Surplus Sales will be on site at the Varian Loading Dock
to collect reusable items and electronics.


Electronics:  Surplus Sales will be on site to receive electronic
equipment.  Electronic equipment cannot be placed in the dumpsters.  


Non-reusable Items:  PSSI will separate items for recycle. 


Cardboard:  Please flatten corrugated cardboard before placing it in the
green dumpsters.


Paper:  Place in specially marked paper recycling bins located at the
Varian Loading Dock.  Please no binders, overhead sheets or plastic


If you need ANY help getting your items over to the Varian Loading Dock,
please email, call or come by my cubicle #41 on the first floor of the
Paul G. Allen Building. We can discuss what you need to move how I can
assist you. 


Thank you,






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