Seminar: Materials – Back to the future

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Mon Oct 22 22:02:39 PDT 2012

Materials – Back to the future

Time : Wednesday (10/24/2012) 4:15pm
Location : CIS-X 101 
Speaker : Dipu Pramanik 


Recent Technology nodes are depending less on scaling feature size and replaced by the increasing use of novel materials and device architectures.  The challenges of introducing new materials requires   faster investigations of thin film stacks  using Combinatorial techniques and platforms, such as those developed by Intermolecular.  By coupling this with an improved understanding of bulk structures, defects and interfaces,   device properties have continued to be improved from generation to generation. In this lecture we illustrate how new materials are being used in a variety of devices ranging from logic transistors to memory cells.

Speaker Bio

Dipu Pramanik is currently VP of Core Technology at Intermolecular Inc, responsible for developing the materials and device knowledge infrastructure. He has over 25 years experience in the semiconductor industry with focus on developing and deploying technology into high volume manufacturing. Prior to IMI, he was VP of the DFM business at Cadence Design Systems and at Synopsys, where he built up the TCAD division into a large business unit. He led the development of several generations of technology at VLSI Technology Inc, including process, packaging, reliability and design. He has been awarded more than 45 patents and has more than 100 publications in the area of materials, devices and design. He has a PhD in Physics/Materials Science from Cornell University and has taught at UC Berkeley and Oxford University.

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