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Hello all,

I wanted to let you know about the NNIN ALD workshop that is being organized by Stanford, Cornell, and Harvard.  The workshop will be held at Harvard right after MRS Boston.  It should be a great opportunity to talk ALD.  Please feel free to ask me any questions about registration.


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> From: Mac Hathaway <hathaway at cns.fas.harvard.edu>
> Subject: 2012 NNIN ALD Workshop - Registration Open
> Date: October 24, 2012 2:05:06 PM PDT
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> Hello All,
> This is Mac Hathaway, at the Harvard Center for Nanoscale Systems.  I'm writing today to let you know about the 2012 NNIN ALD Symposium, to be held on Nov. 29 and 30, 2012, at Harvard University, in Cambridge, MA.  Each of you is cordially invited to join us in Cambridge for this, the latest in a series of NNIN process workshops that have been held at various NNIN sites over the last several years.
> We are currently planning a 2-day program at Harvard CNS which will consist of the following:
> Day 1. A 1-day staff "current status" review of NNIN ALD systems and capabilities at the various NNIN sites, with plenty of time for informal "shop talk".
> Day 2.  A series of brief ALD vendor presentations, and a ~2 hour ALD User Seminar, where we plan to present a short review of the "day one" results, with a re-presentation one or two highlights of current staff work at NNIN sites, and then a Q&A session.   We will also be featuring 3 invited talks by noted experts in the field of ALD, to give us a broader perspective on our ALD work.
> There will be no cost for this program, and it will be fully catered (breakfast and lunch).  Day One will be open to NNIN staff only, and Day Two will be open to (and advertised to) interested users and faculty, as well as others in the NNIN network.
> The dates of this program are Thursday and Friday, Nov. 29-30, 2012 (concurrent with MRS Fall Meeting in Boston).  Registration is now open.  You can visit our "Event Page" here:  
> http://www.cnf.cornell.edu/cnf_2012nninald.html
> In the next few days, after primary NNIN ALD staff have a chance to sign up and arrange lodging, a general announcement and invitation will be sent out to a larger subset of NNIN staff.
> Our hope is that each attending NNIN site will present a short overview of their site's current ALD status, including just a few slides with some salient details about their systems and process capabilities.  We will then compile a spreadsheet "database" of NNIN ALD capability, to act as a guide to users who come to any NNIN site with specific needs.  This will also serve as a template for similar entries in a broad "NNIN process capability" database, ultimately covering other processes such as dry etching, CVD and PVD deposition, etc.
> The proposed "bullet point" list of info to be included can be found below.  It is likely that not everyone will have all of the desired information on all of their available films, but whatever is available will suffice.  This list may perhaps also serve as a template for future characterization work, as has been requested by NNIN leadership. 
> Here's the approximate list of desired info:  (Note:  We'd like to collect all of this data, but you won't necessarily need to present all of it in your presentation.  I'm working on a spreadsheet that we can each fill out that will compile as much of this as possible.)
> **************
> Films you have available
> New films you are working on currently
> Films you plan to explore or make available
> Major issues you face  (equipment, process, users, scheduling, etc.)
> Equipment usage level (% utilization, based on 24/7 or standard availability, if not 24/7)
> Aspects you are studying for process enhancement
> Your maintenance program/schedule
> Equipment issues you have run into (pareto chart?)
> Special modifications you have made
> Process results (perhaps all on one table?) and Characterization Data
> -      Rate/cycle  (incl. error bars)
> -     Ref. Index
> -  XPS, RBS, PL and/or Atom Probe data (and anything else of interest)
> Electrical results (for dielectrics) and variables which may effect those results
> -     Dielectric Constant
> -     Breakdown Voltage (normalized)
> -     Leakage (normalized)
> -     Resistivity (for conductive films)
> -     Variables
>   o       O-ring material
> o       Frequency of clean
> o       Conditioning runs
> o       N2 flow rate, Use of Ar instead of N2
> o       High or low RF power
> o       Cross-contamination
> o       Precursor choice and purity level
> SEM results (high aspect ratio images)
> Results of graphene/CNT functionalization/nucleation efforts
> Other Interesting Stuff
>             Selective deposition, Al-doped ZnO
> ***************
> As each group sends their compiled info, we will put it all in one big spreadsheet (or several), with data of user interest all together (i.e. films and systems available, typical film characteristics, etc.)  For the purposes of the presentations, we'd want to discuss your most interesting results, whether that's electrical data vs. temperature or contamination levels in HfO2, or your experiences with different precursors for the same film (which was better/worse, and why), and/or your most interesting or puzzling problems.  Also, we'd want to review a couple or three slides with your "compiled results", probably with some discussion of any results that stand out.  The idea is to see things you are doing that are working well, so we can imitate it, and to troubleshoot any areas where you might be having difficulty.
> While it may look like a rather daunting list, I think you will agree it is all relevent and potential helpful to the other sites, and to our user base.  Not every group will have something to say on every topic, of course.  I will be generating my list as soon as possible, which I will then send around as at least one point of reference.
> Hotels and B&Bs -
> There is the usual complement of hotels within walking distance (not more than 1/2 hour), including the Sheraton Commander, The Inn at Harvard , The Charles Hotel, etc.  Varying levels of Fancy, cost probably a lot, but maybe some deals available.
> Also, there several B&Bs within a few hundred yards of the symposium rooms, and I have confirmed that at least two of them have at least 10 rooms each for Wednesday and Thursday night.  These are The Irving House (irvinghouse.com), The Harding House (harding-house.com, 125-165/night).  There are three rooms available at A Bed and Breakfast in Cambridge (cambridgebnb.com, $155, shared bath).  Note that some rooms will have common (not private) bathrooms.
> Food -   We're planning to have breakfast and lunch available both days, and dinner all together on Thursday evening.
> Please pardon the "out-of-the-blue" aspect of this email.  We have been working on the preliminary aspects of this for a few weeks, so you have the "benefit" of getting all of the relevant information in one (rather big) batch.
> If you are interested in attending, please sign up at your earliest convenience.  If you are not the primary ALD contact for your NNIN location, but you know who is, or know of others who would be interested in attending either day of the Symposium, please forward this as appropriate.
> Please contact Mac Hathaway (hathaway at cns.fas.harvard.edu) with any questions.  
> On behalf of the organizing committee (Mac Hathaway and Philippe de Rouffignac - Harvard CNS, Vince Genova - Cornell CNF, and Michelle Rincon - Stanford SNF), I thank you for attention.
> Sincerely,
> Mac Hathaway
> Senior Process Engineer
> Harvard Center for Nanoscale Systems
> 617-495-9012 (office)
> 617-259-0859 (cell)

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