[labmembers] Looking for laminator

Hyo-Seon Yoon hsyoon at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 12 17:53:30 PST 2013

Dear Labmembers,


I am looking for a laminator in the cleanroom. Our group (Prof. Khuri-Yakub
group) bought one laminator years ago and it had been kept in the litho area
on the shelf next to the developer. Now it is disappeared somehow and cannot
find it any more. If there is anyone who has ever seen this laminator or has
taken from the litho area, please let me know. It should look like a black
laser printer cartridge.


Just in case I cannot find the laminator any more, I am also wondering if
anyone/group has a laminator (heat and pressure) that I can borrow. I would
like to use it for Riston film. 





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