[labmembers] Upgrade Java if you are running JRE 7 ...

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Mon Jan 14 07:10:29 PST 2013

SNF Lab Members:

On Friday, a security alert was issued for Java Runtime Environment 7 
(JRE7).  A number of you are likely running JRE7 on your machines in 
order to run Badger ... although some of you are running JRE6.

In an unprecedented rapid response, Oracle issued a new JRE (7u11) 
yesterday to fix these vulnerabilities.  To me, that quick response 
indicates that Oracle views this as a very serious threat.

As a result, I suggest that all of you check your Java version and 
update it if needed.  If you are running a Windows machine, you should 
have an element named Java under your Control Panel.  Under the Java 
tab, I believe, you should see an Update tab that will allow you to 
install the updated version.  Note: during that process, you will be 
offered the opportunity to install the "Ask" toolbar.  You do NOT need 
to install that in order to address these issues.

Let me know if you have any questions,


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