[labmembers] Addendum to Upgrade Java ...

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Mon Jan 14 09:56:57 PST 2013

SNF Lab Members:

Several have reported a problem with my initial upgrade instructions.  I 
believe that this occurs if you are upgrading from more than a couple of 

If you try to fire up Badger following your upgrade, you may see a 
window that says something like: "Cannot find javaws".  If you see that, 
and if you have a standard windows configuration you should be able to 
point it to the proper version of javaws by first clicking the "C:\" 
main disk on which the OS lives.  Then select "Program FIles"  (if you 
have a 64-bit machine, you may need to select "Program Files (x86)" 
instead.  From there select "Java", then "jre7", then "bin".
Finally, click on the "javaws" item (not javaw) and click OK.

That, I believe will get you back and operational.

Let me know if you encounter any further problems.


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