[labmembers] Gowning room door closure for replacement. Monday, Jan. 21st.

Brett Huff bhuff at stanford.edu
Tue Jan 15 08:16:50 PST 2013

	The least intrusive day to change out the gown room door and frame appears to next Monday.  Monday is a Stanford holiday but 1/2 of our trades people are not on holiday.
The Plastic will go up first thing Monday morning.  The old door and frame will be removed.  The new frame and door will be installed.  During this stretch form about 6:00am to roughly 10:00am the fab will be closed to access.  If you have an emergency need for entry or anticipate an emergency need for entry please contact by cell or email by this Friday.

After 10:00am Monday, the plastic will remain until the sheet rock and paint crews complete their work.  There will be access through the plastic to the gown room during this time.
Once we have the schedule for rock and paint on Tuesday I will let you know.  

I understand EE410 will need to get through several times and I will make certain the crew is aware and sensitive to your needs.  Please be aware of any wet paint as you pass through the area.

Today the work on the chem passthrough doors has started.  There will be plastic in that area.  If you are unable to find chemicals you need today please contact me directly and we will do our best to deliver quickly.  Please think your needs out and plan ahead so you are not caught off guard.

Your patience is appreciated as the door replacement activity is nearly completed.  

Brett E. Huff
SNF Clean Room Manager
Stanford University
bhuff at stanford.edu

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