Shutdown lampoly 2001-04-17 19:08:13: Still has Particle Problem After Wet Clean

mcvittie at mcvittie at
Tue Apr 17 07:08:14 PDT 2001

Brian Green and I tried to bring up the chamber after the wet 
clean. We followed the procedure from Lam. Particles showed up on the first wafer before doing a plasma clean. After running the plasma clean on 6 wafers (3 min each), we run one a std
poly etch (recipe #1). The particle level was better but still 
unacceptable. For the particle measurements, we used the 
black lamp in the litho area and dark field on a microscope. 
Both methods showed lots and lots of particles.  At this point,
start over and do another wet clean and vacuum the chamber.
We will follow the Lam again after that. 
	Sorry for all the problems,    Jim

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