Problem lampoly 2002-02-27 14:12:28: Exit Load Lock Pump started pumping on Air

mcvittie at mcvittie at
Wed Feb 27 02:12:30 PST 2002

Before lunch wafer got mis-loaded into exit casette and arm got stuck is extended position out of exit door. During 
lunch logic error must have occurred in that load lock pump started pumping on air with 
exit door open. When I came in, I could not get the pump valve to close. To stop the pumping of air, I had the roughing pump turned off. Once the pump was off, I was able to retrack the arm and close the exit door. The roughing pump was then turned back on. Next, I sucessfully cleared out all the wafers. Found that there was no active recipe loaded although there had been a recipe loaded before lunch. After loading recipe #3, successfully run one wafer through the system. Everything seems to be working  now.
	Jim McVittie
ps. Last night around 12pm, I found the exhaust alram was on.
 I used the silence command to turn it off.  

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