Comment lampoly SNF 2005-03-24 22:24:55: Wafer cleared from chamber

ericp at ericp at
Thu Mar 24 22:24:55 PST 2005

The broken wafer was cleaned up.  Leak rate <1mT/min. 
It appears that there are two problems: 
First, the Entrance Load Lock door fails to 
close or takes too long, and then an alarm appears. 
Second, possibly related to the first as it seems to 
occur at the same time, the exit load lock arm 
goes in to get the wafer from the chamber, comes out empty, 
and then the wafer from the entrance load lock crashes 
into the wafer left in the chamber.  
As for the first problem, it looks like the pneumatic cylinder 
on the ELL outer door is leaking by. When the slow 
closing occurs, you can hear the hissing.  

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