Shutdown lampoly SNF 2008-07-03 17:43:35: Loads, but no processing

mtang at mtang at
Thu Jul 3 17:43:35 PDT 2008

Can load and run wafers, but no processing occurs.  A wafer loads up and...  waits... and waits...  Process recipe doesn't start.  Is there a software toggle for this?  (Did the PM involve cycling wafers to check handoff as suggested?)
The 307 MFC #8 zero offset errors are now gone (thank you!)  But we still have the 376 (gap drive not fully initializing) errors when starting the machine after being idle.
Have a lot of the 252 and 253 turbo pump and 3 torr errors.  But I think the turbo and the backing pumps -- and the loadlock pump too, for that matter, are OK.  I wonder if the errors occur because of sequencing of loadlock and VAT and backing pump valves during wafer transfer -- because the normal sequencing during a regular recipe run isn't happening...  

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