Comment lampoly SNF 2008-07-17 08:42:36: RF Repaired

mtang at mtang at
Thu Jul 17 08:42:37 PDT 2008

Cesar has repaired the high reflected power on the lower electrode (see his comment below).  He also made an adjustment which should address the turbo error during idle.  
I'm out of the lab today so plan to run a qual test tomorrow.  But by all means, anyone is welcome to run their own test if you need the system today.  If so, please post your results on Coral for others.
Thanks --
As per Cesar:   I found a molex connector inside the match box
that came loose(not use) and it was jamming the tuning cap. I also changed the configuration on config#2 (crossover gas flow) from 5 sccm to 0, we can leave it at 0 just as long the pressure on the both main chamber and load lock equalize. 

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