Problem lampoly SNF 2008-06-18 17:13:47: Lower RF unstable

mtang at mtang at
Wed Jun 18 17:13:47 PDT 2008

Checking out the reported turbo error.  Ran a clean cycle (looked good) and some dummy wafers.  The lower electrode RF looks unstable at 45 W.  This leads to pressure error in step 7 of recipe 1 (overetch).  When power is raised to 50 W, there is no error and RF is pretty stable.
Maybe another clean cycle w/recipe 99?  (There is now a poly-back coated quartz wafer in the dummy box for this purpose.)
Also, the electrode bias is a lot lower than usual -- normally around -90/-120/-80 V or so, but is now running about 30-40V lower.
Will run more tests tomorrow.  It works, but is not advisable for critical etches.

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