Shutdown lampoly SNF 2008-06-30 23:13:30: Wafer stuck

maryamzm at maryamzm at
Mon Jun 30 23:13:30 PDT 2008

The load arm failed to sense the wafer while unloading from the etch dropped the wafer and it's sitting inside the exit loadlock. The arm is sticking outside the loadlock, trying to unload the dropped wafer.  It thinks that it's trying to unload a wafer and the output cassette is full!!!!  There is a wafer inside the etch chamber that finished etching normally but I halted the process (on step 8) since I was worried that the arm would smash the wafer inside loadlock if it tried to unload the wafer from etch chamber.  Both wafers in there are real device wafers, please put them in the box on the table infront of lampoly.  

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