Shutdown lampoly SNF 2008-10-30 16:53:05: Chuck down and gap errors

mtang at mtang at
Thu Oct 30 16:53:06 PDT 2008

Jesse was running when he got 047 (chamber chuck down sense fail.  Sense if FALSE, should be TRUE.)  I tried to run wafer cleanout and got repeated errors of 376 (the initialize tas is holding because the gap is not initialized.)  With Gary's help, powered down the system and restarted.  We were able to finish the cleanout.  Started running test wafers on recipe 1.  The fifth wafer got stuck with 047 and wafer cleanout gives repeated 376.  Power down does not seem like a good idea.
Are the power supply voltages OK (24V?)
Also, I was trying to run a qual wafer following Fatih's profile problems (which have been confirmed on his test wafers using recipe 1 - I wanted to see if our regular monitor could detect this problem.)  A couple of odd things.  The He backside cooling set point is 6 torr, but is very unstable (1-20) during the clamp step (step 2) before settling in around 9-10.  He also noted that the alignment of the clamp flat is a little off set from the actual flat (check the dummy wafers.)  Don't know if these are indications of some clamping problem...  which could affect profiles...

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