Problem lampoly SNF 2009-06-24 15:37:39: Update

mtang at mtang at
Wed Jun 24 15:37:40 PDT 2009

The clamp repair on 6/23 seems to have fixed the burning resist problem.  The etch rate is high, but not unexpectedly so after new parts and a chamber clean.  Etch depth of silicon using recipe 1 is 5160 A with 2% nonuniformity; resist selectivity to silicon is 3.6.  (Expect about 4600 A total, with <5% nonuniformity and selectivity ~3.3-4.2)
So, the system seems to be running well.  HOWEVER, the helium clamping is still unstable for the first several wafers processed, if the machine has been idle.  So, make sure to run several wafers and that the He backside flow rate is stable at about 8-10 sccm for a backside pressure of 6 torr (right now, seems to control to 6.2 torr.)
Please report any etch problems.

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