Shutdown lampoly SNF 2009-11-25 19:09:36: Wafer stuck in chamber as well

mtang at mtang at
Sat Nov 28 15:02:51 PST 2009

Turbopump was running slowly and had an error message.  Turned it off, then turned it on.  Ran up to 600 OK.  Removed stuck wafer.  Ran a couple of wafers -- looks good.
Rishi was running the second wafer on the clean recipe, which is 5 minute.  It is possible that the turbo got overloaded (we have a suspected leak in the pump foreline somewhere well below the chamber.)  I'm turning it to green, but would ask that anyone running long etches should watch the turbopump rpm.  If it starts to drop too low, pause the cycle to allow the turbo to recover.

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