Problem lampoly SNF 2009-09-22 00:50:49: water chiller failed

shott at shott at
Tue Sep 22 08:24:44 PDT 2009

We have had slow leakage out of the particle filter housing for some time that ultimately results in a low level signal.  I tried to re-wrap the fittings with teflon tape but, in the process, split the white 1/2 NPT to 3/4 NPT adapter.  I've cleaned up my mess and temporarily elminated the particle filter housing using a 1/2"-1/2" Swagelok union.  I'm in the process of trying to order a Pentek ST-1 (or equivalent) particle filter.  The ST-1 is a stainless steel cartridge filter that will be better for this high-temperature application and will allow us to have all-steel fittings to reduce the chace of rupture.
At the moment, however, the 50/50 glycol/lwater has been topped off and the system is ready to go.

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