Problem lampoly SNF 2010-04-12 16:33:15: Pressure control problem?

mtang at mtang at
Mon Apr 12 16:33:16 PDT 2010

Rishi was experiencing problems with recipe #11.  you could hear the VAT valve working hard to find the pressure.  This happened whether or not the RF was on.  We ran our tried and true standard recipe #1.  The first wafer was beautiful, but the second one had the same pressure control problems.  The presets look good, so this does not seem to be the problem.  Could our VAT controller be having problems?  By the way, recipe #11 differs from recipe #1 only in the main etch pressure but has the same breakthrough and overetch steps.  The breakthrough steps seem to have the most problem, but you can hear the VAT searching (and see the pressure variation) on all steps (whether or not there is RF) on both recipes #1 and #11.
There seem to be several people with reservations tonight, so we won't shut it down right now -- but please be aware that this machine is not operating the way it should, so should not be used for critical etches.

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