Comment lampoly SNF 2010-11-07 07:55:11: Update

mtang at mtang at
Sun Nov 7 07:55:12 PST 2010

Cesar adjusted the bleed on the entrance loadlock door pneumatic.  His thinking is that it is activating properly, but fails to bleed off pressure completely so keeps the door shut.  Elmer found one of the small fans on the generator system had failed -- not a smokling gun, but might explain the observation that the problem gets worse as the system is run consistently and disappears after it has been idle.  The load and tune positions are still way off, however -- even when the ICP tunes well, the tune setting is near the limit so there is little room for tuning if running different recipes.  We hope to get Jim McV to hook up the impedence meter to see if we can recenter the tuning setpoints.

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