Shutdown lampoly SNF 2010-11-09 12:58:14: Replacing RF cables

mtang at mtang at
Wed Nov 10 15:32:39 PST 2010

Cesar replaced two of the upper electrode RF cables.  He (we think) also made an adjustment to the load pot following a discussion with Elmer.  He swapped the pneumatic from the entrance loadlock door which was giving us problems to the loader lift station -- the replacement pneumatic hasn't arrived yet and the thinking was the lift would be less of a load on the pneumatic.  However, it is now flaky.  But Elmer placed a clamp onto the pneumatic and it's not pretty (the pneumatic box is open) but it seems to work.  The 24V fan was ordered and has arrived, but is a slightly different size than the old one, so the RF match electronics box is left open to cool in the meantime.
We ran the recipes appearing over the last 8 months in the log book.  The standards seem to run reasonably well, although tuning is not quite as good or as fast as we normally see.  It looks like the SF6 recipes in particular, are not stable, so would not recommend running these.
We will need to do more work, but will put the system over to yellow for now.  Qual has not yet been run.

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