Problem lampoly SNF 2010-11-10 15:37:34: OK for non SF6 recipes

mtang at mtang at
Wed Nov 10 15:37:35 PST 2010

The system seems to be running, although with some issues which will still need to be addressed.  Be careful as the cover for the pneumatics is left open as is the cover to the RF match electronics.  Neither is in a the wafer loading, unloading or programming area, so should not interfere with operation.  (See shutdown clear if you want gory details.)
The system does not tune consistently as well as we'd like, but is within the tolerance level.  The plasma is not stable in some SF6 recipes, so would recommend not running SF6.  Recipe 99, however, seems to run well. 
Qual hasn't been run yet.  Please log your recipes in the logbook and note any observations on equipment performance in Coral.

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