Problem lampoly SNF 2010-11-12 16:16:31: Watch reflected power

mtang at mtang at
Fri Nov 12 16:16:31 PST 2010

The system etches now without flickering plasma.  It tunes reasonably well for recipes 1 and 99.  However, the tune and load settings are still near their limit.  
The system is conditionally OK to use.  It will be fine for zero level mark etching on blank silicon wafers.  It may not tune well for other recipes or other wafers -- conditions where the automatch is at the limit.  So if you wish to use the system, please run test wafers for your recipe and watch your wafers very carefully.  If the system faults for RF match, do not continue running your recipe or wafers.  If you have a specific recipe you would like to test, let me know.
We hope to try to find ways to recenter the match system on Monday.

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