Comment lampoly SNF 2010-10-03 07:27:16: Update

mtang at mtang at
Sun Oct 3 07:27:16 PDT 2010

Cesar  installed the new HALO RF generator on the ICP.  The lower generator is the same that has been there for many years.  He checked the RF power calibration on both and things look good.  There is some question about the possible output quality on the lower generator which we will have to address some time, but leaving this here is status quo.
Cesar tested several recipes and reports that the tuning, control, and DC bias look good.  The RF presets may need to be optimized on some recipes, so please test and watch your recipes on dummy wafers first.  We will optimize presets and qual the etch rates on Monday, but in the meantime, the system is OK to use.

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