Comment lampoly SNF 2010-09-15 16:06:13: Checking system configuration

mtang at mtang at
Wed Sep 15 16:06:13 PDT 2010

Decided to check the system constants since some odd things have been observed since the last system boot up.   However, Recipe 1 now seems quite stable with the recent preset adjustments.   We will need to keep an eye on this, since these presets should not require adjustment in absence of hardware changes.
On the Configure 1 page, the RF#2 reflected AI should be 250 (is 240).  Did not change yet, but will do so later after testing - no significant effect is expected. Changed gas 4 name to sf6 (upper case does not work.)  Changed gas 4 maximum flow from 200 (in original config) to 122 (more recent config).  The reason for this is that the gas 4 MFC is calibrated for CF4 although we are using it for SF6.  This reverted back to the old original config in the recent hard drive crash.  With the appropriate gas correction factors, 122 sccm is correct and consistent with the SF6 recipes developed over the past several years.  This gas flow change, however, is not responsible for the unstable RF observed on many SF6 recipes -- we will need to continue to troubleshoot.

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