Comment lampoly SNF 2010-09-27 09:52:47: Update on RF

mtang at mtang at
Mon Sep 27 09:52:47 PDT 2010

Just to summarize:  We swapped the upper and lower RF generators last week, which seems to have addressed the instability problem reported on the upper electrode.  We tested various recipes and adjusted the presets accordingly.  However, it seems that the generator on the ICP (formerly the lower) is not able to run at high power for a long time -- it is fine for all recipes, except for the CLEAN recipe #99.  Subsequent RF problems were reported on other recipes because by then the generator had overheated and shutoff.
Cesar is working on getting a functioning rebuild replacement generator.
In the meantime, Cesar tested the current generator and various recipes.  The ICP shuts off only on #99 which has a setpoint of 600 W and runs for 5 minutes.  We don't want to switch generators back now, because that will reintroduce the stability problem.  So, for now, recipe #99 is set to run for 150 seconds.  Please run this 3X to condition/clean the chamber, if needed.  

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