Comment lampoly SNF 2011-04-29 12:40:43: Hard drive/Floppy drive

mtang at mtang at
Fri Apr 29 12:40:44 PDT 2011

I'm not sure when exactly, but it seems that some time since 4/14/11, the floppy drive began to work again.  It actually has not worked since last June (the problem is not the drive, but communication with the drive controller card - which is no longer supported.)  When it started working again, recipes loaded were using settings from last June.  Because of the work done on the RF tuning late last year, RF presets were not correct, which explains the recent rash of RF errors.  By the way, the config file is loaded from the hard drive, so machine settings should be fine.  Recipes that had been created between Jun '10 and 4/14/11 or so would not exist on the floppy so would have loaded correctly from the hard drive. 
In any case, I've removed the floppy from the drive for now, after having backed up system constants and machine configuration.   This way, we should have only one version of the recipes, on the hard drive.  

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