Shutdown lampoly SNF 2011-08-05 18:25:15: Wafer fell off XLL arm, still inside XLL

bchui at bchui at
Fri Aug 5 18:25:15 PDT 2011

When wafer entered reaction chamber, the machine alarmed saying turbo pump pressure was above 3T (or something like that).  The process then aborted (no etching occurred).  When the machine arm tried to move the wafer out, the wafer came as far out as the XLL but then fell off the arm.  Wafer is still half-resting on the arm though.  I have pressed 'HALT WAFER TRANSPORT' to prevent the arm from doing anything else that might damage the wafer.  Please retrieve the wafer and put it in the box with my name on it.  (It's a precious wafer.)  Thanks!

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