Shutdown lampoly SNF 2012-12-15 16:01:42: wafers stuck inside multiple chambers

xuanwu at xuanwu at
Sun Dec 23 09:05:38 PST 2012

At first, I got error 54, "Wafer not sensed at exit cassette."  I nudged the exit arm a bit, and it went back in, but didn't leave the wafer at the exit cassette; it went in with the wafer.  Unfortunately, that wafer somehow got dropped by the arm.
Then the loading chamber arm came out to pick out another wafer, but it already had a wafer on it.  So two wafers ended up going into the loading chamber.
Finally, the unloading arm came out without a wafer.  I removed all my wafers from the sender cassette, but the rest of the wafers are all still in the machine.  The machine's currently stuck because of another error 54.  I'm going to leave it as is to keep all the wafers from going inside and possibly breaking.

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