LAMpoly recipe files

Len Booth booth at
Fri Aug 16 11:48:37 PDT 2002

	Currently there is a problem using the floppy
drive on our LAMpoly.  The hard disk and hard/floppy
disk controller card must be replaced.  This will take
happen in about 2 weeks.  This morning I checked the
LAMpoly logbook and noted that there are hardcopy recipe
sheets for 9 recipes that are currently approved by
Jim McVittie.  The hard disk currently has a total of about
forty recipe files.  I intend to make a backup copy
of all currently existing files from the hard disk, before
any changes to the hard disk are made, and then move 
the recipes that are currently approved by Jim, from 
the old hard drive to the new hard drive.
	As soon as I know what day the work will take
place, I will send an E-mail to all LAMpoly users.

Recipes that are currently approved by Jim McVittie:
 from the LAMpoly logbook today 8/16

File#	Purpose			created by
1	Std poly etch		Jim McVittie
25	aniso poly/si etch	Theresa K.
27	aniso poly etch		Hopcroft, Metzler
77	poly gate etch		Farid
91	deep e-beam align mark	Bill Price
92	poly on ox w/endpoint	Bill Price
14201	poly etch		Andrew Besso
Clean1	SF6/O2/Cl		Jim McVittie
Clean2	SF6/O2/Cl w/seasoning	Jim McVittie

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