LAMpoly recipe files

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Fri Aug 16 13:54:44 PDT 2002

Lam Users,

I have no problem with having lots of recipes on the Lam, however I need
to know what they for. So if you want to keep a special recipe on the
Lam, I need to know what it does and some of its characteristics.

Thanks,     Jim McVittie

Len Booth wrote:

>         Currently there is a problem using the floppy
> drive on our LAMpoly.  The hard disk and hard/floppy
> disk controller card must be replaced.  This will take
> happen in about 2 weeks.  This morning I checked the
> LAMpoly logbook and noted that there are hardcopy recipe
> sheets for 9 recipes that are currently approved by
> Jim McVittie.  The hard disk currently has a total of about
> forty recipe files.  I intend to make a backup copy
> of all currently existing files from the hard disk, before
> any changes to the hard disk are made, and then move
> the recipes that are currently approved by Jim, from
> the old hard drive to the new hard drive.
>         As soon as I know what day the work will take
> place, I will send an E-mail to all LAMpoly users.
>                         Len
> Recipes that are currently approved by Jim McVittie:
>  from the LAMpoly logbook today 8/16
> File#   Purpose                 created by
> 1       Std poly etch           Jim McVittie
> 25      aniso poly/si etch      Theresa K.
> 27      aniso poly etch         Hopcroft, Metzler
> 77      poly gate etch          Farid
> 91      deep e-beam align mark  Bill Price
> 92      poly on ox w/endpoint   Bill Price
> 14201   poly etch               Andrew Besso
> Clean1  SF6/O2/Cl               Jim McVittie
> Clean2  SF6/O2/Cl w/seasoning   Jim McVittie

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