LAMpoly status Sept 13, 2002

Len Booth booth at
Fri Sep 13 07:11:25 PDT 2002

	The machine is available for general use again -
the shutdown has been removed.  After Cesar performed a wet clean
on the etch chamber, Henry tested a standard recipe:
"Ran a seasoning with silicon wafers, then a process recipe #1 with Poly
wafer. Uniformity is 5% across the wafer."
	A new hard disk, disk controller, and floppy drive
have been installed.  I have copied the following recipes
from the old hard disk, onto the new hard disk:

File#   Purpose                 created by
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1       Std poly etch           Jim McVittie
25      aniso poly/si etch      Theresa K.
27      aniso poly etch         Hopcroft, Metzler
77      poly gate etch          Farid
91      deep e-beam align mark  Bill Price
92      poly on ox w/endpoint   Bill Price
14201   poly etch               Andrew Besso
Clean1  SF6/O2/Cl               Jim McVittie
Clean2  SF6/O2/Cl w/seasoning   Jim McVittie

	Also, I've added a recipe index page to the Logbook,
which lists the recipes above for easy reference.

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