Lam Recipes

Cesar M Baxter cbax at
Wed Sep 20 08:10:11 PDT 2006

 To All Users,

 Last Saturday (9/16) the system lose 24vdc and system pc crash,
 I changed the 1amp blown fuse and reboot the system with out
 problem. On Monday, a user tried to load a recipe from the
 hardrive but the system alarmed for unable to load the from
 the hardrive. I checked the system files and all the recipe
 files was lose. I created a recipe and tried saving it to the
 hardrive but it failed, it looks like a bad sector on the
 hardrive. The tool is operational and it ok to use but, the
 recipe will need to be load manually on the recipe page. I'm
 working the problem, please Do Not reset or reboo the tool.
 Sorry for the inconvenience.


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