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Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Wed May 7 08:17:03 PDT 2008

Hi all --

Yes, my bad.  I pester Maurice/Nancy for LTO dummies for lampoly cleans 
and will do so.  Yes, the cleans aren't being done now because the 
recipe #99 appears to fault.  Looking at it yesterday, the recipe faults 
for pressure control, but the pressure control is actually quite good 
and I'm pretty convinced that the problem is something else altogether, 
although it manifests as the common pressure faults.  This recipe also 
repeatedly gets the 217 fault -- which I suspect may be because it is 
lacking an extra step to allow for He clamping.  I'll try to look at it 
again today. 

I think we should be OK for a while without cleans, because the chamber 
was very recently scrubbed.  Drastic changes in DC bias for a given 
recipe/wafer type should indicate excessive buildup.

Everyone, please report any faults you get -- and your observations 
(including the recipe run and when during the run the fault occurs) in 
the logbook or Coral (though both would be ideal.)



Maryam Ziaei-Moayyed wrote:
> Hi Mary,
> Could we get some oxidized wafers for lampoly cleans? Maybe Nancy has 
> some oxide wafers from her oxidation qual runs.
> Also I've noticed that some people run long etches without cleaning 
> the chamber afterwards. Also everyone please run at least one clean 
> (PROGRAM 99) after long etches.
> Thanks,
> Maryam

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