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Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Jul 9 10:41:19 PDT 2009

Hi Junil and Lampoly users:

My apologies for not posting a formal update sooner. Here's the 
information as of last night. The clamp assembly was damaged and most of 
the parts have arrived. The remaining parts are due in on Monday, though 
we will attempt to get these expedited. In terms of what happened, as 
far as we can tell, one of the six spring rod assemblies which holds the 
clamp was binding so that when compressed, it stood more than 1/4" 
longer than the rest of the rods. In combination with the double-thick 
sample that was being processed, this resulted in the clamp not pressing 
parallel to the chuck. You may have seen from the Coral report, the gap 
drive assembly became jammed as it tried to press down on an uneven 
surface. And the clamp assembly snapped as a result. Cesar has repaired 
the gap drive as far as we can tell. Some additional calibrations need 
to be done. We can probably do this without the whole clamp assembly.

So, as best as we can figure, the parts should be here on Monday, so we 
hope to have everything reassembled then and ready for testing. Usha has 
kindly agreed to follow up with qualification, should the equipment 
check out OK.


Junil Park wrote:
> Dear Mary
> Good morning.
> Could you update me with the status of Lam Poly. My Silicon Etch 
> process has been set up on both tool of P-5000 and Lam Poly. But I 
> have not been able to use both tools, because P-5000 magnet drive of 
> silicon chamber has moved to oxide chamber and Lam Poly… you 
> know….. I have to find out alternative if it will not be up soon.
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards
> Junil
> <>

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