HBr Status

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Wed Jan 19 14:50:53 PST 2011

Dear Lampoly and P5000Etch users --

Thanks for your patience.  There are two problems with the HBr supply.  
First, we are nearly out.  A spare bottle has been on order for many 
weeks and has even shipped, but we do not have an estimated delivery yet 
(it can be a surprisingly long time because of regulations governing 
transport of hazardous chemicals).  Second, the HBr toxic gas sensor for 
the gas cylinder has been having problems.  The sensor head has been 
replaced and is under observation, but we cannot run HBr without monitoring.

Until these two problems are resolved, we will allow HBr use only during 
regular working hours (Monday-Friday, ~8-4) to allow staff to monitor 
both the remaining HBr supply and the sensor.  Lampoly will be shutdown 
in the evenings.  A problem message will be posted on p5000etch.  We 
will update Coral as we work to resolve this problems.

Your SNF Staff

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